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Cleaning & Checkups


A lifetime of healthy habits includes a healthy mouth.  It is recommended by the American Dental Association (ADA) that regular dental visits helps to improve your overall dental health.  Visiting your dentist at least twice a year helps to catch any problems early on and reduce the risk of more serious issues.

Even with having great dental habits, you are not able to eliminate all the bacteria and plaque that builds up over time.  Do not worry, having regular dental cleanings helps to remove these issues.

Keep your mouth happy and healthy by coming in at least twice a year for your routine cleaning and checkup for you and your whole family!   

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Dental X-rays


Dental x-rays are necessary to detect issues that can not be seen with the naked eye. Not only do X-rays help to detect formation of cavities in between your teeth, it is also able to tell your dentist of any issues you may have with your gums, the roots of your teeth, and the surrounding bones of your jaws.

There are different types of x-rays that help with diagnosing an array of conditions.

  • Bitewing x-rays - Recommended at least once every 12 months - there help to see any formation of cavities in between teeth and to help detect any gum loss cause by periodontal disease

  • Periapical x-rays - shows the entire tooth from crown to the root and can help diagnose an abscess or cyst

  • Panoramic x-ray - are taken shows the entire mouth and help with determining if wisdom teeth are present and/or need to be removed, and can help determine what is causing any jaw pain

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